1. Picking a date and reserving early
      • 1. Find your desired trip
        2. Confirm dates with group, and chiko river Expeditions
        3. reserve the dates early. summer prime time is july and August, however we raft in the same weather and conditions for almost 5 months. Most of July and Auguest reservations are made by Feb-March, for multi-day trips. So get yours today!
    1. Group Meetings and Information Distribution
      • When reserving as a group, it's a good idea to get everyone together early to discuss the details of your trip. Upon reservation, we will send out an information package via email or mail, and this will identify your specific trips details to share with everyone

        Package includes: Trip itinerary, what to bring, what to expect, medical form and question sheet, waiver form, and other info.
    2. Group Discounts
      • Discounts on any trip are available. Day trips and multi-days. We tend to base our discounts on group reservations of 10 persons or more. If you require a special rate for a special reason, please let us know. We also have other special benifits in place such as our River Runners Club Program.
    3. Organizing the payment
      • We suggest, when reserving as a group, that you collect the trips total from each members portion, and put it into a pool. This way, you have a firm commitment from each member. Alternatively, you may collect 50% of the group total.
    4. Deposit
      • We take a 25%-50% deposit each reservation, to hold your place and date as reserved. For information on deposits place read on.
    5. 30 Day Policy
      • We have a policy based on the 30 and 60 day marker. If you reserve a trip as a group (4 or more) we consider your group a package. We base the reservation on your numbers. If you decide to cancel your trip for any reason prior to 30 days before the starting date of the trip, then you will receive a full refund of the 25%-50% Deposit

        If you decide (as a group) to cancel your vaction after the 30 day marker, your deposit may become non-refundable, and will be held to cover the loss of non-booked dates so late in the season. As an individual (or small group) these policies may apply to your reservation as well.
    6. 60 Day Policy
      • the 60 day marker is for individual within the group reservation that decide to cancel their reservation, within the groups. As a group reservation, we have reserved you based on this, and your specific numbers etc. If a member of your group cancels out before 60 days prior to the start date of this trip, a full refund to that individual will be made. we encourage the group to find a replacement member before cancelling the "seat", and requesting for refund. Should the individual and group will hold full responsibility to find a replacement member.
    7. Trip Credits
      • We would be more than happy to re-schedule a trip should the reservaton need to be cancelled. We can do this at anytime, however the same policies above apply, but we can do this after the 30 day maker as well. Usually trip credits are only available the following season.

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