1. On The River
    • Bathing Suit or Quick Dry Shorts
      Fleece or Sweater
      Dry clothes for after
      Rain Jacket
      Old Running shoes, and Wool Socks
      Wet suit booties or closed heal sandals (with a strap around the heal…Please no flip flop-thong sandals)
      Sunglasses (with sunglasses strap or string)
      Cameras and Journals
  2. Overnight/Multi-Days
    • (In addition to the day trip list above, you will need to consider the following on a multi-day)

      Tent (If you have it)
      Sleeping Bag and Pad (If you have it)
      Extra Clothes
      Personal Items
      Personal Water bottle (we supply the water)
      Journal (To record your adventures)
      Video Camera (we can provide dry bags for it)
  3. We supply
    • Lifejackets, and Safety equipment
      Wetsuits (needed if it is cool weather only)
      Sleeping Pads (If Required) Pads can be foam, or inflatable (therma-rest style)
      Sleeping Bags (If Required)
      Tents (If required) Tents may be shared between 2-4 persons depending your specific group
      Food, Beverages, Alcohol, Snacks.

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