1. How long is the trip on river?
    • Depending on weather and water levels, a day trip is approximately 3-5 hours long (Including the hour for lunch)
  2. Is it safe?
    • Your safety is our number one priority! We are proud to carry our customers with the highest standards of commercial rafting in the world and under strict government regulations and licensing policies.

      Our guides are certified under provincial BC and Canadian guides licensing, and carry advanced first aid, and swift-water rescue technician certifications.

      Our guides know the river intimately and do their best to ensure your trip both very safe and even more enjoyable!
  3. What do we provide?
    • We provide all the rafting equipment you’ll need. Small waterproof bags, and large dry bags for personal gear. Wetsuits, and safety equipment. Should you require sleeping bags and tents we can provide those in addition.
  4. How many people per raft?
    • Our rafts range from 16-19’ in length and are self- bailing inflatable rafts. Depending on which boat is used, and the type of trip you are on, we can accommodate 6-12 people per raft for day trips and 2-8 people per raft on multi-day expeditions.
  5. What about drugs and Alcohol?
    • Provincial law and common sense do not allow us to permit anyone under the effects of drugs and or alcohol to participate in our trips. In addition neither drugs nor alcohol consumption will be tolerated before and/or on river itself. We do provide alcoholic beverages during overnight camp stays. With that said there is a bar and lounge at Elkin Creek Guest Ranch where most trips are based out of and return to.
  6. What about food?
    • Our guides are trained and very experienced in cooking and serving, and will entice you with our special menu plans set for day and multi-day trips. Day trips offer a full spread of buffet style lunches. Everything is prepared right in front of you on-river, and the food is always fresh.

      We provide water, juices and other beverages as well as fine European meats, cheeses, and various fresh baked breads and pastries. Appetizers such as fresh vegetables with dips and oysters and crackers with special spreads such as bruschetta and red pepper jams will get you ‘appetized’ for your exceptional day trip lunch! Now just imagine the multi days! Desserts for day trips are always a surprise…! Our very own river chef will prepare the overnight meals on river and they too will exceed your expectations.
  7. How big are the rapids?
    • Again it depends on the trip and the international scale of the classification of rapids; our trips range from grades 2-4 typically. During some trips you may experience up to class 5 sections (this is the real deal!). We carefully negotiate these portions and clients always have an opportunity to scout these sections with guides prior to running them.
  8. Do we go rain or shine?
    • Absolutely! Follow our clothing tips, and be prepared for the worst weather. We are very fortunate however to have some of the driest climate in the country, those bring the unique semi-arid canyons of the Taseko and Chilcotin Rivers! A strong spirit of adventure will ensure an enjoyable expedition, or day trip under any condition! We will provide safe and comfortable camps as well as fires and a time to dry out at lunches should the weather become hostile. Your comfort is always key to an enjoyable trip.
  9. Is the trip guaranteed to run?
    • Unfortunately we cannot guarantee any trip to be run due to various uncontrollable factors. River levels, and other issues may require us to cancel a trip. Please contact us regarding refunding, and cancellation policies.
  10. Where do we meet if we drive into Williams Lake?
    • As each trip is different, and some very remote, we may depart the evening before the trip begins in some circumstances. Most of the time we will meet at the Elkin Creek Guest Ranch. With that said for an additional sum a shuttle service can always be organized at a central location in Williams Lake. Once at the Elkin Creek Guest Ranch we will transfer your personal items into dry bags and river gear for the rest of the trip. This gives you the opportunity to leave the items you won’t need on the trip, with your vehicle or with us for the duration.

      After we meet and greet, we are ready to head out we will make sure we have everything as a group, and guides will load your equipment on to the bus/van for a generally 15-40 minute shuttle to the put-in.
  11. What kind of wildlife will we see?
    • The river corridors we run are abundant with wildlife and extremely diverse regions offer a multitude of different species often providing excellent viewing and photographic opportunities. Grizzly and Black bears are often spotted from the river while eagles and osprey soar above hunting for salmon and trout in the river. Sometimes we get a unique vantage point to view an eagle striking a fish in the water right in front of us! A highlight of the trips is seeing the Largest Non-Migratory Big horn Sheep Population in North America along the dry semi-arid region of the Canyon-lands of the Chilcotin. These beautiful sheep frequent the canyon walls above us and we usually see them 2-3 times per trip in large groups.
  12. What makes your trips any different from the other companies in British Columbia?
    • It’s the Region and the rivers! Our region is absolutely unique. As you may or may not be aware, the area is based from high mountain rivers pouring through ancient lava beds forming continuous white water experiences. Beautiful lush upper sections of the Chilko and Taseko Rivers provide multiple wildlife viewing opportunities and a true wilderness experience. There is no population here, and you won’t see another rafting company, or groups by the hundreds! The highlight to our unique operations is that we are based at the beautiful Elkin Creek Guest Ranch, located along the mighty Taseko River.

      As we move downstream we meet the Chilcotin River system where the Chilcotin plateau climate takes over and warm thermal air currents circulate around making the temperatures rise to 10 degrees above the “regional” temperatures in Williams Lake and surrounding centers. As a rule, we try to say that the temperatures when 25 degrees celsius in Williams lake, will be 35 degrees celsius on the river! It is like a dessert region in canyon lands, where the hot sunshine and towering dessert hoodoos rise into the sky above us on the river. Cactus and sage cover the canyon banks and the brilliant turquoise Chilcotin river flows with a fast pace into large roller-coaster rapids!

      No other Rafting Company in British Columbia has terrain like this, and it truly is its own unique region. We are the only locally based operations in Williams Lake and offer more day and multi-day trips than any other company! We have exclusive remote camping sights, and provide truly expedition style trips with high standards!

      We pack everything out, including providing a portable toilet system with its own privacy tent.

      We carry our kitchen and camp with us as we descend the river from one camp to another, and guide do all the work. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself!
  13. What should I bring?
    • For Day trips

      Bathing Suit or Quick Dry Shorts
      Fleece or Sweater
      Dry clothes for after
      Rain Jacket
      Old Running shoes, and Wool Socks
      Wet suit booties or closed heal sandals (with a strap around the heal…Please no flip flop-thong sandals)
      Sunglasses (with sunglasses strap or string)
      Cameras and Journals


      (In addition to the day trip list above, you will need to consider the following on a multi-day)

      Tent (If you have it)
      Sleeping Bag and Pad (If you have it)
      Extra Clothes
      Personal Items
      Personal Water bottle (we supply the water)
      Journal (To record your adventures)
      Video Camera (we can provide dry bags for it)

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